Wyoming author publishes second novel

Jessica Leigh with her new book, Whatever it Takes

Jessica Leigh was 14 when she started writing a fiction novel.

Now 33 years old, the Wyoming local has dusted off the manuscript and turned it into her second published book, Whatever it Takes.

Leigh said she had always loved writing, and COVID had given her time to sit down and edit her original version.

“It has always been a story I have wanted to get out,” Leigh said.

“I remember writing this book in Years 10, 11 and 12 at school … I have always liked to create these things myself.”

The novel follows the journey of a young girl in her last year of school, who gets caught up in her brother’s life as a band musician.

Leigh said she had always been inspired by music and the story encapsulates some of the same themes and songs she remembers in her teens.

“It is not just about the band, but it focuses on the people around the main character Rhiannon and how their choices impact her life,” Leigh said.

“There is no direct connection to events that happened in my life … I have just always loved reading and writing.”

Her first book, Dear Keelen, was released just over a year ago.

“I love losing myself in another world,” Leigh said.

“Every person’s life has a soundtrack, and I like to showcase mine through a book.”

The book was published in the UK through Pegasus MacKenzie Elliot Publishers and can be found and ordered online.

Jacinta Counihan