Not all riders are destructive

Kincumba Mountain Reserve is part of the Coastal Open Spaces System

Forum –

I take exception to the tone used by Godfrey Franz (in a recent Forum) regarding healthy park users on bikes.

Firstly, the argument is about mountain bikes, not ordinary bikes, and the destruction of our beautiful bush by them.

Bikes can travel along fire trails without any problem at all, but mountains bikes are totally different.

These riders ride their bikes at a huge speed.

They take to the land with spades to make their berms and tracks, they saw through small trees if they are in the way and pull out by the roots shrubs and anything else that is in the way.

This can be seen on Kincumba Mountain.

As for managing the bush, this is not done by creating an obstacle course of jumps, bridges, banks, berms; that’s destruction.

Bike riding is a healthy activity.

Mountains bike riding is a healthy activity but in the right place – not in our preserved COSS land or National Parks.

Email, Mar 18
Doreen Handy, Copacabana