Community members mindfully mark International Women’s Day

Fifty community members celebrated the beginning of International Women’s Day (IWD) on the shores of Ocean Beach on the morning of March 8.

Member for Gosford, Liesl Tesch, hosted the event in collaboration with Making Meditation Mainstream (MMM), beginning the celebration with meditation followed by a free breakfast.

As the sun rose over the water community members joined together to mindfully and meaningfully acknowledge everything women bring to our home and the world.

Tesch said she wouldn’t want to start International Women’s Day any other way.

“The morning was so beautiful; the sun rising before us, the sound of the waves lapping the sand and people from across the Coast uniting to celebrate the backbone of our community and our world – women,” she said.

“I took the opportunity to reflect upon the hundreds of incredible women I have met, have had the privilege of knowing and those who continue to inspire me every day.”

Founder, Jason Partington, said MMM began as a way to support mental health after an increase in suicide rates on the Northern Beaches.

“Since then it has grown into what it is today – that is a supportive, proactive and connecting environment helping unite the community and promote positive mental states,” he said.

“MMM has incredible women leaders who are each inspirational in their own right and lead and support others, providing a pivotal role in the wider community and it is so important that we celebrate their strength.”

Nat Mallia, a leader of the Ocean Beach MMM group said meditation is rewarding for many reasons.

“As women we have so many challenges, many of which are related to our health, and it is really important we take time to be mindful and meditate so we can connect with ourselves and heal” she said.

For Wendy Devine, her first time meditating with the group was rejuvenating.

“I walk along Ocean Beach every day and each Saturday I watched the community participate in meditation, looking from afar and always wanting to join in,” she said.

“I’ve been quite anxious because I am usually isolated and on my own a lot, but I saw an ad on Liesl’s Facebook page, so I plucked up the courage and came down.

Tesch said the turnout on March 8 was “incredible and heart-warming”.

“It was an absolute honour to sit beside women from all walks of life and think of our journeys individually and together,” she said.

MMM meets at 6.30am every Saturday at Ocean Beach to reflect on the week and start the weekend on a positive note.

Media release, Mar 8
Member for Gosford, Liesl Tesch