We might be more accepting of rates rise … if we got the truth

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An open letter to Central Coast Council Acting CEO Rik Hart.

I refer to your letter of January 13 concerning a possible increase in Council rates.

It appears apparent that ratepayers are going to have to pick up the bill for the incompetence of Council in recent times.

From your letter it would appear that an increase will have to take place no matter what – it is the amount that is in question.

As a ratepayer I understand the necessity to replenish funds given that it is unlikely the State Government will intervene with “a bail out”.

Whilst I will have no alternative but to accept your end decision, I advise I will not pay any increased rates until such time as council publicly advises the following:

Who authorised the use of the so-called restricted funds?

Why were funds spent on “nice to have” projects instead of pressing items such as road maintenance – and did the full Council approve such use?

On what date will council release the unredacted minutes of all audit committee meetings and correspondence for the period January 1, 2017, to December 30, 2020?

What action – legal and/or otherwise – has, or will, be taken against persons both elected and employed for this use/misuse of Council funds, and when is this action scheduled to be taken?

Council is employed by us ratepayers and we have a right to know the answers to the above questions.

Hiding facts and actions under the guise of such information not being in the interest of Council in general, employees and councillors, is not acceptable and cannot be justified.

This matter is a public issue that requires immediate release of complete truth and openness.

Email, Jan 30
Mike Hatton, Umina Beach