Rock fisherman rescued

Avoca beach

A rock fisherman was rescued from rough seas at Avoca Beach on February 17.

Emergency services were called to the beach at about 8.10am following reports a fisherman had been swept off rocks on the southern end of the beach.

The 50-year-old man – who was wearing a lifejacket at the time – was rescued by local lifeguards using a jet ski.

The man, from The Ponds in Sydney’s north-west, was assessed at the scene by NSW Ambulance paramedics before being taken to Gosford Hospital for further assessment.

Brisbane Water Police District Inspector, John Zdrilic, said the outcome could have been fatal if the man hadn’t been wearing a lifejacket.

“The conditions out on the water (were) rough and windblown, which could have proven extremely difficult for rescue crews,” Zdrilic said.

“After recent drownings in other parts of the state, this is a timely reminder for all fishers about the importance of wearing a lifejacket – it can quite literally save your life.

“By wearing the appropriate safety equipment, this rock fisherman has escaped with just a few minor cuts and bruises.

“His lifejacket kept him afloat while emergency services were responding.”

Anyone rock fishing in a declared location must wear an appropriate lifejacket.

This includes people helping you to rock fish and children.

Failing to wear an appropriate lifejacket while rock fishing in a declared area may result in a $100 on the spot fine.

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Media release, Feb 17
NSW Police