Not happy with rate rise or cut services

Forum –

Firstly, let me express my displeasure at the 15 percent rate hike.

If this has been brought about by somebody taking their eye off the ball, the question still remains of how?

I will be the first to congratulate Central Coast Council on the number of projects that were done, however, at ratepayers’ expense? (Chronicle p6 Dec 16 “Over-spent money was well spent”)

I must mention the three grassed traffic islands that grace the Central Coast Highway at the entry to Long Jetty and The Entrance.

One of the islands has been cut by a good Samaritan, no less than our local MP, David Mehan.

Thank you David, but what about it Council?

How about the other two traffic islands?

They are a disgrace and not very enticing for our visitors at this time of the year.

One more thing; how on earth can our stormwater drains take away the flow of water when they are blocked by leaves and debris?

Some of them have piles a metre high and that’s not good enough.

Email, Jan 22
Helen Ambler, Berkeley Vale