Can rates burden be shared by renters and non-residents?

Acting CEO, Rik Hart

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I have written to Central Coast Council about its intention to increase the rates as a result of their mismanagement of budgets and associated cover-ups until recently.

An open letter to Acting Chief Executive Officer Rik Hart:

We would like to thank the administration of the Council for the excellent services that are being rendered.

For the last six years we have been residents of Ettalong Beach.

We have selected Ettalong as our home based on location and economics.

We understand that the Council budget got off track and action is needed for correction while maintaining the standard of services.

Of relevance to raising more money from rates, it is worthwhile noting that the Brisbane City Council charges an additional 10 percent on all rental properties.

We also note (many) coastal facilities are used by non-residents; user pay is the way.

Email, Feb 6
Jack Alemian and Marcelle Alemian, Ettalong Beach