Ratepayers are losing their assets

Suspended Central Coast Councilors

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So, the end game is in the open, Council assets are for sale. (Chronicle p1 Dec 2 “Many Council assets listed for sale”)

Mr Murphy was, it seems, brought in to fail.

The in-office councillors would have known the entire situation at the time but shook his hand and welcomed him in.

He was in the position for two years and suddenly $100M appears missing.

At that rate, he would have been wasting nearly $1M per week.

Meanwhile, the old bunch of councillors are going around piling dirt on him, making sure to put their innocence out there in the public mind.

I heard our suspended mayor giving him a serve on Monday morning, and if she’s to be believed, it beggars belief that she lasted so long while knowing nothing.

And the other thing is that long serving councillors, those who brought this on, those who knew that one of the councils before amalgamation was a basket case, are the most vocal.

“We knew nothing” is their cry – unbelievable.

And so, the assets are for sale.

The ratepayers are losing their assets, their parks and gardens, their heritage.

The Chinese Theme Park is going, the Oasis site is going, the airport site is going, all of “Red Vest’s” (former Wyong Shire, Mayor Doug Eaton) masterplan is going.

Maybe something good will come of this eventually, but at what cost?

It seems that it is not good to be a Labor shire in a Liberal state.

Email, Dec 3
Tony Redmond, Wyong

EDITOR’S NOTE: There has been no indication by the Administrator Dick Persson that parks and gardens will be among assets to be sold. Also, the airport site itself is not for sale, only two parcels of land near the airport.