New energy bill will have positive impacts

Renewable energy investment on the Coast

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Congratulations to the NSW parliament for passing the NSW energy bill on November 25 after more than 30 hours of debate.

Together with the recent announcement that the Central Coast/Hunter region will be included in the state’s Renewable Energy Zone, this will have very positive impacts on our local economy in the long term.

We are now seeing a profound change in the energy generation industry worldwide as the economic and environmental advantages of diversified renewable energy resources replace the traditional fossil fuel based systems.

This change is now unstoppable and the passing of the NSW energy bills ensures that our region will be in a position to participate in the emerging economic opportunities as they arise over coming decades.

Unfortunately, this contrasts with the current energy policy settings of our Federal Government which is still directing public funds towards new coal and gas infrastructure.

They are not doing this because coal and gas generation technologies are cheaper than renewables.

They are doing it because renewables are now cheaper than traditional fossil fuel generators and private capital is being directed into renewable technologies as they provide bigger and more reliable future economic returns.

One small example of the potential for renewable technologies on the Coast, which I am personally involved in, is at Narara Ecovillage where we are currently installing solar, battery and smart grid technology so that the entire village of 120 houses will be a net exporter of power to the NSW grid over the year.

Email, Nov 26
Geoff Cameron, Narara