CWA ladies pump up the jam

The CWA Woy Woy ladies making their famous jams

They were all gloved up and ready, talking with fast tongue,

they had cherries in their boxes, all the way from Young.

They had pitters on the table, cherries they were washed,

their tiny little pips out, cherries slightly squashed.

The sugar and the brandy, in the pot it sunk

the cherries they were added, soon a little drunk.

Jars unpacked and sterilised, then stir the pot real quick

gently gently simmering, trying not to stick.

The cherries soon became as sticky as they can,

oranges were washed and cut ready for the pan.

Marmalade with brandy soon will start to cook,

we really should begin to write our own cookbook.

So, if you want our jam, marmalade and more,

head to Bendigo bank, you won’t find them in store.

Bendigo in Ettalong loves to help us sell,

forever we are grateful, for you do it oh so well.

Cafe DMR sells them all as well, Di you are a treasure,

a fantastic local lady, to know you is a pleasure.

We had help from local sponsors, their names are on the label,

but way too hard to rhyme them in this little fable.

So, if you need a Christmas gift, made with love and flare,

it won’t cost you a fortune but will show you really care.

The girls that do the cooking, never stop to pause,

like Santa’s other helper, wonderful Mrs Claus.

To end this little story, we need to say to you,

Merry Christmas one and all, whatever you may do.

CWA Woy Woy President, Jane Bowtell.

Money raised from the jams will go towards general fundraising, which the club use to support and assist the local community when needed.

Locals can purchase the jams from Bendigo Bank, Beach, or Café DMR in Deepwater Plaza.

Hayley McMahon