Fun Haus theatre show to premiere at Digital Melbourne Fringe Festival

Miss Tree Photo Lisa Haymes

The Naughty Noodle Fun Haus theatre show, Slipstream, will premiere at this year’s Digital Melbourne Fringe Festival, held between November 18 and 22.

The 50-minute piece includes a three-part performance exploring cellular time, the travel within, and our interconnectedness to each other, heritage and otherness.

Central Coast residents will be able to experience the show live from home as it is the first year the event has been digital.

The show, created during the COVID shutdown, features local artists Neville Williams Boney from NAISDA, Miss Tree from The Voice, and Australian Burlesque Icon Glitta Supernova.

As the Creative Director and co-founder of the project, Glitta Supernova said the work debuting on a world stage such as the Melbourne Fringe Festival is not just exciting for the Naughty Noodle Fun Haus, but for the whole Central Coast creative society.

“The Naughty Noodle was about to embark on its first funded artist creative development opportunity when COVID-19 hit the scene, forcing our creative process into a more isolated and virtual one of digital wires, phone calls and zoomies,” Supernova said.

“We supported each other through the creative process that had all the ups and downs of lockdown.

“It was a weird process performing to an empty room, with no audience response feed.

“But the actual process of performing for each other was a really deep and emotional process as none of us had been exposed to live art in eight months and being in the presence of each other’s creative delivery was deeply moving.

“It was physical, visceral, spiritual, and you could feel it enter into our beings like we were starving, reinforcing how empty our lives have been without art.

“As a regional organisation with zero state funding, it was reassuring to be able to bring financial as well as creative focus and support to artists in a time that obliterated the arts, let alone arts that focus on delivery of positive outcomes for its regional communities with a focus on the marginalised and intersectional.”

Media release, Nov 10
Naughty Noodle Fun Haus