Where does the buck stop?

Suspended Central Coast Councillors

Forum –

What a confused Council we seem to have on the Central Coast (Vote of no confidence in missing CEO withdrawn; October 16).

If Council, like any Board that employs a CEO, thinks he is not performing, there is a process for either improving performance, or in the worst case, termination.

Grandstanding with a vote of no confidence is a coward’s way of dealing with the issue.

It’s also embarrassing for the CEO who may not be the problem; certainly not at the Central Coast Council where I think there are bigger fish to fry.

Implementing a Finance Committee would seem a no-brainer; but why now; why hasn’t it been in place well before this; it’s a governance tool and most reputable boards have one.

The problem with CCC is not the CEO.

Remember the fish rots from the head.

Where are you Mayor….and councillors; the buck stops with you!

Email Oct 18
J. George, Terrigal