Replace Warnervale railway crossing now, not later when its too busy

Warnervale Railway Station


As we all know the Warnervale area is growing.

In the next 10 to 20 years, according to various articles, there will be up to 25 new streets, an influx of new homes and a small community shopping strip, including a new primary school.

Across Sparks Rd is the long-awaited Warnervale Town Centre, where the retail and entertainment precinct has progressed to construction after years of inaction.

That will include up to 100 new homes, parklands, a new tavern and a retail/commercial precinct along with a Woolworths supermarket.

This is great, as it will provide growth and much-needed employment for a part of our region as there will be a flood of people moving from Sydney to escape the rat race of the city.

However, I feel there is one question that a lot of us are thinking: What is going to happen with the railway crossing?

I have been a resident for 12 years and whenever I catch the train at Warnervale station, I can’t help but picture what the area is going to look like in 20 years’ time.

There will be people catching the train to and from Sydney and Newcastle and there will be a swarm of school children using the station to commute to and from the new school.

The main road that passes the station will be clogged with cars trying to access the M1 motorway, Wyong and Tuggerah, and of course, children trying to get home from the new school.

This is an issue, I believe, that needs to be brought to the attention of the Council and the NSW Government now, rather than later.

From a personal point of view, I don’t understand why they can’t get their hands dirty now and replace the crossing while it is quiet and there is not much building happening.

The railway crossing was perfect when Warnervale was a small rural village, however, in the next 20 years Warnervale will start its transformation from the village as we know it, into a fully serviced suburb with a wide range of retail options and the new Town Centre.

When they do replace the crossing, they should consider upgrading the station to make it safer for wheelchair and disabled passengers, because the ramps there are slowly deteriorating.

The station could also do with some restroom facilities.

I heard the other day that not far from the station, they are building an education and university complex near Lakes Grammar School, and this again is another reason why the crossing needs to be removed now rather than later.

Think about all those university students that are going to be using that road and station in the years to come.

In Victoria, for example, they are removing up to 50 railway crossings and that is what I would call an excellent move and excellent business decision.

If Victoria can remove that many crossings, then why can’t our state government remove the railway crossing at Warnervale.

So the message is clear: Put on your thinking caps and get some funding to support this undertaking before a tragic accident or a congestion line occurs.

Let’s get this crossing replaced with an over or underpass.

It will aid in the recovery plan for the state’s economy, post pandemic.

Email, Aug 25
Rusiate Komaitai, Charmhaven