We are losing trees in reserves and on private land

The trees in Orchard Road, Kangy AngyThe trees in Orchard Road, Kangy Angy. Archive 2018

[Forum] I agree with Joy Cooper’s comments (Coast Community News, June 26) that we are losing thousands of mature trees in parks, reserves, coastal open space system and on private holdings.

Central Coast Council cannot claim it has a “green focus” if it persists in allowing the excessive removal of trees either on public lands or on private properties.

It would be beneficial for the public and Council if an estimate of the number of trees being removed on public and private lands is kept on a regular basis and made available to the public.

The data could come from Council staff who remove trees on public lands and from Council applications from homeowners and developers to remove trees.

This data could be compared with new plantings and could inform Council of how well it is living up to its claim of promoting greening and ensuring the wellbeing of communities through the protection of local bushland, urban trees, tree canopies and expansion of the Coast Open Space System.

Email, 29 Jun 2020
Suraya Coorey, Woy Woy

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