Residents call for Umina Mall buildings to be razed

A group of Umina residents is appealing to Central Coast Council to urgently remedy the “unsightly mess” surrounding Umina Mall which was destroyed by fire almost 18 months ago.

“Is it not time to act on the issue of civic pride?” Gary and Kerry Yates said in a letter to Council.

The Yates said they were speaking on behalf of an informal group of concerned private citizens with the opinion that it was long past time that the mess was sorted out.

“We are aware that council will arrange for pick-up of the rubbish.

“However, our point is that this whole situation should be addressed by the owner – that the site be razed and cleared and then contained securely.

“At least then, the delay in new construction does not constitute such an offensive and ugly eyesore in everyone else’s world.

“We’re just asking for some civic pride to be enforced.

“While understanding the restrictions of budgets and bylaws, surely it is possible, even mandatory, that Council insist on a decent level of tidiness and aesthetics from ratepayers regarding their properties, in particular where there is an added health or safety issue.

“In particular, the area which encompasses the site of what was Umina Mall and the surrounding blocks, both vacant and with dilapidated buildings, should surely be razed by now, at the very least, to eliminate its current use by some homeless people and vandals and rubbish dumpers.

“This is an ongoing issue which should be being addressed by the owners.”

In their letter to Council, the Yates asked why the owner was not being pushed to tidy up this dangerous, ugly mess and then ensure, by way of demolition, that this stays tidy until construction begins.

“Surely Council has authority to enforce such action.”

Central Coast Council declined to comment on inquiries about this issue and no response was received to requests for information from Mr Craig Laundy, of Laundy Exhibition, the property owner.

Media release, 6 Jul 2020
Gary and Kerry Yates, Umina

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