Whither the Elephant?

Men’s Shed members with the ‘elephant’

Did you read about the Elephant?

What Elephant?

The Elephant at the hall

Didn’t you know, it’s in the paper

I’d better go check, talk to you later

Is it too heavy, is it too tall?

Does it meet standards, will it fit against the wall?

Well the long and the short of it is, we’ve searched high and low and it isn’t at the hall at all.

We too would like to thank the Men’s Shed for all their hard work, although we were unaware, a difficult challenge accepted, and great community spirit they share

But there’s only the stainless steel

The subject of quite a spiel

The risk of magnetic field of which stainless acts as a shield

So, what is wrong with the Chef’s bench, donated to us last spring?

The one volunteers praises they did sing

Can anyone help us to find the Elephant we didn’t know we had

We haven’t got to meet her yet and that’s really quite sad

Until then, the benchtops are the same Australian standard height they’ve always been, which isn’t all that bad.

And thank you to all the community members who keep telling us how much they love the hall’s new kitchen, it’s really rad

Georgia Sidiropoulos and Ryan Howard, Mangrove Mountain and Districts Community Group

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