Rhythm and Chill

Dom Diaz and Kiki will feature in the second Rhythm and Chill

The Rhythm Hut might not be able to host their usual classes or gigs, but music is still very much alive on Faunce St.

The Hut has launched Rhythm and Chill, a free to view live concert series, to keep its audience engaged and dollars flowing to artists.

The first Rhythm and Chill went live with Skye Magnus and Molly Millington on April 24, with the series set to feature a host of the Hut’s favourite acts every Friday night.

Kristen Grizzly is one of the Hut volunteers working behind the scenes on the project and hopes the new initiative will take off.

“Rhythm and Chill is featuring artists that have played here before and who have a relationship with the space.

“We see this as a great opportunity for our audience to enjoy live music and for artists struggling to get work,” Kristen explained.

Established as an alternative venue for the community to gather, explore and celebrate music and creativity, The Rhythm Hut has always been a hub for the arts and Kristen admits that seeing the space so quiet doesn’t sit right.

“It has been rough since COVID-19 hit.

“Everything we do at The Rhythm Hut involved gatherings, classes, workshops, rehearsals, gigs and events.

“Everything that we’re about sees people coming together and now that they can’t we’ve had to redefine what we do,” Kristen said.

Part of that redefinition has been elevating the way the Hut engages with its audience online.

While they’re still tinkering with that process, Kristen believes ideas like Rhythm and Chill are a good starting point, and given the number of artists that have signed on so far, she could be on to something.

An added benefit of the concert series is that artists are able to set up ‘tipping jars’, with viewers with the means to do so able to support them by sending a few dollars their way.

“Being able to offer this platform to artists feels really good.

“We always do our best to make sure any artists that play at The Rhythm Hut feel looked after and that’s not going to change due to COVID-19,” Kristen said.

The next Rhythm and Chill concert will feature Sid Berry and Dom Diaz and Kiki from 7:30pm on May 1, with audiences able to tune into the livestream via The Rhythm Hut’s Facebook page.

The full Rhythm and Chill line up for May is also up on the Facebook page.


Interview, Apr 29

Kristen Grizzly, The Rhythm Hut

Reporter: Dilon Luke