Esplanade footpath needs access for scooters and bikes

Plans for improved pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure

[FORUM] An afternoon of sunshine and perfect weather is a time for walking, jogging or just getting out with the aid of a mobility walk frame, scooter, pushbike plus those that just want their pets to exercise.

The Esplanade roadway running along the beachfront from Ettalong to Umina is the perfect spot to soak up these wonderful elements, except for a couple of items which destroy the entire experience:

Sunshine, blue skies, many million-dollar homes, views to satisfy the most ardent critic with some of the worst pieces of roadway and footpaths in the area.

From the intersection of Kourung St, Ettalong, to the surf club at the intersection of Trafalgar Ave, Umina, there is not one kerbside access ramp for scooters, bikes or any other mobility aid.

On the northern side of the road, there are a few broken sections of footpath and on the beach side, the footpath is so broken up that it is a wonder Central Coast Council is not overwhelmed with complaints and claims for injury compensation.

Combine this with the fact that the beachside reserve, which runs up to the adjoining footpath, is so neglected that councillors should hold their heads in shame and the owners of those million-dollar homes left embarrassed.

A small contribution of funds plus some council workers could transform this road and footpaths into something of which we could be really proud.

The access ramps for disabled are a necessity which require immediate attention and should have been made available many years ago.

Email, 27 Apr 2020

Rod Fountain, Booker Bay