Offers to share toilet paper

Many Coast supermarkets have run out of toilet paper, tissues, hand sanitiser and other essential items

[Forum] Today (Friday, March 13), I was shopping in my local supermarket at Umina and stopped to talk with a friend.

We had both walked past an empty toilet paper section and were having a bit of playful banter.
We were talking of telephone books and newspapers when a young woman with a large packet of toilet paper approached us and said she had purchased her paper from another store and could she give us some from her packet.
We thanked her but didn’t take any because she had young kids and we were sure she needed it more.
I left that store with a smile on my face and reassurance of the goodness of people.
Later when my son-in-law arrived home from work and I relayed my good news story to him he told me that he had handed over a packet to a lady the day before.
The good keeps on happening.
May it never change.

Email, 13 Mar 2020
Genny Murphy, Woy Woy

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