Greyhound death revives calls for reform

The Coalition for the Protection of Greyhounds (CPG) is calling for a major reform of the greyhound racing industry after a dog was euthanised following a meet at Gosford on March 10.

Two-year-old Sapphire Jan was humanely put down after sustaining major leg injuries, according to a steward’s report.
CPG National President, Dennis Anderson, said a collision between several dogs at the first turn during race two caused Sapphire Jan to fall.
“She sustained a compound and comminuted fracture of the hind tibia, similar to those seen in a car accident and gunshot wounds, and was euthanised,” Anderson said.
“Unusually, the race stewards brought attention to the ‘delay in retrieving’ the injured greyhound by track staff.
“Most injuries are treatable and a normal greyhound life expectancy is 12-14 years.
“Twelve greyhounds have now been killed on NSW tracks this year, with 53 greyhounds killed nation-wide.
“Also, in the 10 races at Gosford this year, 28 greyhounds have been injured.”
Anderson said the greyhound racing industry was in need of urgent reform. “Greyhounds are suffering death and injury on a daily basis and it shows no sign of stopping,” he said.
“The only way to end their suffering is to ban greyhound racing.
“Until that happens, CPG has developed a five-point plan to reform the racing industry.”
The demands are: whole-of-life tracking of a greyhound; funding of sanctuaries; safer tracks (with an emphasis on straight tracks and six-dog races); a reduction in breeding; and, increased penalties for mistreatment
“It costs around $4,000 to treat the typical fractured leg that greyhounds suffer when racing, and the greyhounds have often earned many times that amount,” Anderson said.
“So to kill them just doesn’t make sense and shows that profit has precedence over animal welfare.”
Anderson said both the RSPCA and the Australian Veterinary Association had publicly stated that they’re against greyhound racing.
“Given how these dogs suffer for entertainment, it’s hardly surprising that these two respected groups have spoken out,” he said.

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