Minister’s response was misleading

5g small cellsTypical 5G small cell transceivers mounted on a street light pole. image: Baltimore County Council

[Forum] In response to Paul Fletcher’s letter (Coast Community News Feb 7 p 14): Mr Fletcher, Federal Minister for Communications, stated: “Our safety standards in Australia are based on the recommendations of the global scientific community”.

This is misleading.

The truth is that Australia, the US, and the UK have public exposure safety levels that are at least a hundred times greater than the rest of the world, including China, Russia, India, Poland, France, Bulgaria, Switzerland.
He further states: “ARPANSA sits in the health portfolio… so it can give objective advice”.

Unfortunately, ARPANSA’s own website states: “Nothing contained in this site is intended to be used as medical advice and… ARPANSA does not accept any liability for any injury, loss or damage incurred by use of or reliance on the information provided on this website.”

The roll out of 5G has created an opportunity for people to become educated about the potential effects of Electromagnetic Energy (EME) from any wireless device i.e. irrespective of its “generation”.

Those who suffer already from electrohypersensitivity (EHS) are, understandably, concerned about the roll out of 5G as it requires the installation of an unprecedented number of antennas throughout the public sphere. Before 5G, we could pretty much choose the amount of EME that we were exposed to.

However, with the roll out of 5G that choice is taken away.

The studies that have purportedly shown that EME does not cause EHS are flawed in that they presume an instant response from the EHS sufferer.

However, the body does not work like that.

Just as it takes a day or two for the symptoms of the common cold virus to manifest, so too it takes time, sometimes only 15 minutes or so, for the symptoms to arise in the EHS sufferer, though they can take days to dissipate.

The phrase I hear over and over again from sufferers is that their symptoms came on suddenly and were only ameliorated by removing themselves from all sources of wireless communication and working hard on healing their immune system.

Unfortunately, the body can only adapt so far until it becomes overwhelmed.

Many sufferers say they used to “love their tech” or were “always on their phone”.

However, once the symptoms started, they often had to leave their jobs, sometimes leave their homes and even their families, in order to find somewhere to heal.

Installing thousands of antennas combined with the marketing of the Internet of Things which will increase exposure, will cause more and more people to develop debilitating symptoms, and this is what I am seeking to help people to avoid.

Email, Feb 11
Mikala Dind, Building Biologist