Tesch on fines & election

Terry Collins interviews Liesel TeschTerry Collins interviews Liesel Tesch

Flushed with success after having hundreds of parking fines issued to residents parked on the grass verge at the front of their homes waived last week, Gosford MP Liesl Tesch is raring to go for the March 23 State Election.

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Published at 2019, February 13
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“These fines were issued by one highway patrol officer on one day and my success in having them waived just goes to show the power of the people,” Tesch said. “There isn’t a day I don’t pinch myself in this job.”

With the election less than five weeks away, Tesch opened up for our latest video interview on a variety of topics. “I am passionate about fighting the Wallarah 2 project and finding a long-term solution for the Ettalong dredging situation,” she said.

“And I’m very excited about our pledge to make Opal card travel free for school-aged children at all times, not just on the way to and from school. “There are parents and grandparents who take the children out on weekends who will be glad of this.”

Tesch gives her views on the possibility of a compulsory Independent Hearing and Assessment Panel being introduced on the Coast and elaborates on her determination to see more local roads reclassified. “We have Federal roads, we have State roads and we have local roads,” she said. “We want to look at reclassifying some of those local roads so we can open them up for more funding.”

Source: Video Interview Gosford, Thursday Jan 7, 2019. Community News Partners