Hospital licensed to provide Parkinson’s program

PD Warrior classes to start at Brisbane Water Hospital. Image: PDwarrior.comPD Warrior classes to start at Brisbane Water Hospital. Image:

A local hospital has been licensed to provide a new Parkinson’s disease treatment program. Brisbane Waters Private Hospital recently announced it would provide the PD Warrior program to Peninsula residents battling Parkinson’s.

The hospital is just one of two health centres on the Central Coast licensed to offer the program. “PD Warrior has been designed specifically to treat the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease and is modelled on recent scientific evidence that supports the introduction of specialist rehabilitation exercises from the time of diagnosis,” said hospital chief Ms Kathy Beverley.

“Exercise is front line defence for people with Parkinson’s disease. “PD Warrior aims to rewire the brain to allow everyday movements and activities to be performed with greater ease,” she said. For more information about the program, visit the Central Coast Rehabilitation website and search for the PD Warrior program.

SOURCE: Social media, 17 Sep 2018 Kathy Beverley, Brisbane Waters Private Hospital