Surely Council can help with a few dollars

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[Forum] The Peninsula Recreation Precinct near Jasmine Greens Kiosk is such a wonderful asset to the whole community and a facility we all can be proud of.

It is used by local residents and visitors alike. Recently, while enjoying the area with my family, I noticed the condition of the beautiful Whale Tails, standing proud but unfortunately neglected, what fantastic, unusual, iconic pieces of street art they are, these unique figurines are extremely run down, mosaic tiles falling off, grout crumbling, inviting vandalism. It’s amazing not much physical damage has been done to these magnificent statues. Surely Central Coast Council can find a few dollars to repair these exotic icons?

After a little enquiry, I found the people willing to volunteer their labour if the Council can scrounge the dollars to pay for the materials, grout, glue and whatever else is needed to rescue this valuable art. The local schools could also be invited to become involved and a win-win situation created, with the young people having pride in helping repair such an important local asset. Contact has been made with Council repeatedly by these civic-minded locals who also contributed to the original construction but can only get as far as middle management, who seem to delight in refusal. How much would it cost? Not much money, I would imagine.

The tourist dollar is vital to our local economy. The Council seems disinterested in anything Peninsula-related. An easy fix needs common sense. One does wonder if the Council is listening. I worry if tourists see that Council has abandoned Umina Beach whether they may abandon us as well. With a little cooperation, this situation can be sorted and maybe a sign that Council has not abandoned us. It’s not hard.

Email, 22 Aug 2018 Brian Lewis, Umina