Council meetings need to stick to local issues

Letters to the editorLetters to the editor

Forget about kerb and guttering. Central Coast Council zeros in on Foreign Policy and Climate Change.

It is great to see that Central Coast Council are firm believers in the “Think Local Act Global” campaign, however, I feel they are getting lost in potential mine fields that take them off track from true local issues that it is Council’s job to uphold and do something about.

At the July 23 meeting, we witnessed strong debates on Climate Change, with the recommendation that Council’s entire asset list be made-up and upgraded to a carbon neutral, zero-emission fleet. They also discussed options about Japan, both Sister City Agreements and Commercial Whaling. The debate was heated and clearly divided the chamber. Local issues, such as those directly affecting Coasties do get touched on, but they seem to be rushed through and/or get pushed to another meeting. There are some councillors who have the Coast’s best interests at heart. Others have their own agenda, and some are in to stir the pot for some political parties. We can only hope that the ones with the Coast’s interests prevail.

Letter, Jul 30 Aaron Harpley-Carr, Tumbi Umbi