Don’t miss opportunity to extend airport


[Forum] In reply to your article on the War and Peace of Warnervale Airport, Jet aircraft could not operate at Warnervale, according to, Mr John Codrington, but this is not the case.

In December, 1986, the late Minister, Mr Barry Cohen, and myself, picked up the Prime Minister, Mr Robert Hawke, when he arrived by RAAF jet to open the Mooney Mooney Bridge, the new development at Gosford Golf Club and the Cricket Museum at Central Coast Leagues Club.

Talking of airports, in 1982, the Somersby Plateau could have been the site, for in 1968, it was selected under major airports for Sydney.

However, the then Chamber of Commerce in Gosford, in 1982, refused to meet with the Federal Treasurer, Mr Paul Keating, and Minister for Tourism in Canberra, which I had arranged. That was the biggest chance for long-term property for the Central Coast, so how stupid could they have been. Wherever airports are built, property will follow, so don’t miss the opportunity to extend Warnervale.

Letter, Jun 1 Jenny Fowler, Green Point