Seismic testing could change our way of life

Letters to the editor

Seismic testing for Gas/Oil commenced on the weekend of Saturday, April 14. This could be a good time to reflect on your good times on the beaches of the Central Coast, as potentially it could all dramatically change.

The beaching of whales, dolphins and or fish, could become a regular occurrence due to seismic testing, and if oil or gas is found, we could potentially have rigs off our world famous beaches and wait to see exactly what that does to tourism and our way of life.

The Emmy awarded winning documentary, Sonic Sea, was screened around the Central Coast, starting at Halekulani Bowling Club on April 22. If you want to see what is proposed for the Coast and have any concern for whales and dolphins, you cannot afford to miss it. I find it amazing that very few residents understand what the Federal Government has potentially done to the Central Coast and beyond.

Where are our members of parliament sitting on this, as they are supposed to represent their constituent’s wishes, yet their responses have been silent.

For further details on the screenings of Sonic Sea or how you can support the cause, please contact Gary Blaschke, President of the Northern Lakes Disability Tourism Precinct Committee Inc. and National President of the Disabled Surfers Association of Australia Inc. on 0424 890 455

Email, Apr 10 Gary Blaschke, Lake Munmorah