Regional Library just needs to be a practical space

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I hope that when Council considers the final plans for the new regional library, they look to the future and learn from the past.

Take the Encyclopaedia Brittanica; started in 1788 in Edinburgh, printed 3,000 copies, sold at 12 pounds each set, enough to buy a castle. Moved to the USA in 1901, last printed set in 2010 in 30 volumes, now online by subscription for $80 per annum. We do not need a glamorous expensive iconic building with water views that wins architectural prizes, like the selfish and arrogant arts people, are claiming for an arts centre. We need a practical space with web access, many workstations, many subscriptions, close to public transport (buses and trains) and parking. A space that will be a practical community library asset in 2050.

Email, Feb 17 Godfrey Franz, Gosford