Exchange student reports on 12 months in Mexico

Exchange student Jenna Woodhouse of Umina

The Rotary Club of Umina Beach has celebrated the experience of their latest Rotary Youth Exchange Student, Jenna Woodhouse, who has just returned from 12 months exchange in Puebla, Mexico.

Ms Woodhouse gave a presentation at the Club’s 42nd birthday festivities. Club publicity officer Mr Geoff Melville said the club was delighted to see what an enriching and fulfilling experience Ms Woodhouse had. “Jenna’s presentation on 12 months in Mexico as a Rotary Youth Exchange Student, Ambassador for Rotary, the Central Coast and Australia, was just sensational.

“In 37 years of Rotary, I have not heard a better presentation,” Mr Melville said. Mr Melville that Jenna set out to soak up everything and to make this 12 months a life-changing experience. He said she did just that. She came back “brimming full”. She entertained and enthralled the club and “confirmed our faith in the Rotary Youth Exchange Program”. “We older members have been a bit set in our ways with outbound students having finished school and being about 18. “Many of us thought 15 was a bit young. “You showed us we don’t need to worry,” Mr Melville said. “You came back speaking Spanish. “You are a remarkable young lady.”

SOURCE: Newsletter, 12 Feb 2018 Geoff Melville, Umina Beach Rotary

This story appeared first in the Peninsula News on February 26, 2018.