Clr Best calls for an urgent halt to seismic testing

Central Coast Councillor Greg BestCentral Coast Councillor Greg Best. Archive 2018

Clr Greg Best will call for Central Coast Council to seek an urgent halt to seismic testing off the coast.

Clr Best said he will move that Council notes with great concern that Asset Energy, a subsidiary of Advent Energy, has recently been granted government approval to commence oil and gas exploration only 10 nautical miles east of Norah Head Lighthouse. “They will be using controversial seismic blasting commencing March 15 through to May 30, 2018, delivering thousands of seismic blasts to the seafloor,” Clr Best said.

He will move that Council strongly supports its local community in calling for an urgent halt to any such questionable exploration due to the chronic lack of public consultation and the real prospect of significant environmental damage. Further, Clr Best said he will move: “That Council recognises the urgency around this matter and seeks to head a high-level delegation consisting of community and council representatives to call on the (Federal) Minister to intervene. Additionally, “that staff report in open council the outcome and any undertakings arising from any such delegation, and that the report should also include a full evaluation of this Ocean Oil and Gas Mining Proposal,” he said.

Source: Notice of motion, Feb 19 Greg Best, Central Coast Council

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