Legalise Vaping Australia group campaign at Terrigal

Vaping of e-cigarettes : Image Wikicommons

A grassroots campaign championing the legalisation of vaping, funded by concerned Australians, brought their campaign bus to Terrigal Boat Ramp on Monday, January 15.
Legalise Vaping Australia set up their campaign bus, Vape Force One, at the popular tourist locale to bring attention to their campaign in the region.
Campaign manager, Mr Brian Marlow, said: “Legalise Vaping Australia are calling on state and federal MPs to support the full legalisation of nicotine vaping, which would save 500,000 lives and allow Australians to save thousands of dollars a year”.
Currently, it is illegal in Australia to purchase or even possess nicotine vapes.
“Despite evidence showing that vaping is at least 95 per cent safer than smoking, and offers a 60 per cent higher chance of quitting regular tobacco when compared to going cold turkey, our politicians still refuse to allow the full legalisation of vaping, making people who do the right thing and switch from cigarettes to vaping, criminals,” he added.
Mr Marlow is calling on Member for Robertson, Ms Lucy Wicks, to support the legalisation of nicotine vaporisers in Australia.
“We’re calling on Lucy Wicks to do the right thing and support people’s right to vape.
“The federal government believes purchasing nicotine vapes from stores within Australia should remain illegal, despite the evidence that shows how beneficial vaping can be.
“Long time smokers who are addicted to regular tobacco and have been unable to quit through traditional methods will continue to suffer if people like Lucy Wicks do not step out of the way,” Mr Marlow said.

Media release, Jan 12
Brian Marlow, Legalise Vaping Australia