Look at what a party does


I noted with interest the media release from the Labor member for The Entrance regarding housing affordability (Wyong Regional Chronicle edition 123 Aug 15).

Mr David Meehan MP and Mr David Harris MP profusely profess support for affordable housing. It was endearing and heart-warming. In practice however, the ALP block affordable housing at every opportunity. The NSW Liberal Government recently offered a site and funding for affordable housing valued at $4 million in the heart of Newcastle. The ALP led council blocked the development. Additionally, the Labor Greens block on council refused to draw on the Federal Government grant they have been sitting on for over a decade that was meant to be used for affordable housing. In politics, it is best to look at what a party does rather than its grand statements. The greatest barrier to affordable housing on the Central Coast and across NSW is the Australian Labor Party.

Email, Aug 22 Scot MacDonald, Parliamentary Secretary for the Central Coast