Budgewoi community calls for Northern Police Station

Calls are growing for a new Police Station to be established in the North of the Coast.
Former Wyong Councillor and independent candidate for Budgewoi, Mr Greg Best, and community members, have joined forces to lobby the State Government for a much needed local Police Station in the North.
Mr Best said: “Enough is enough.
“The residents I speak to are fed up and outraged at the escalation of anti-social behaviour in their area,” he said.
“In my view, after dark, we have lost control of our streets to the vandals, graffiti artists, hoons or worse.
“It takes police almost an hour to respond from Wyong, if at all.
“It’s not good enough.
“We have a huge population of elderly and young in our area and they should be able to feel safe at night.
“We appreciate local Police are trying hard, however they openly admit that they are significantly under resourced.
“It is up to the Community to speak up and not only support each other but to support the Police in gaining further valuable resources.
“We must work together.”
Lake Munmorah Progress Association President, Ms Carroll Richardson, said: “We must stand up and be counted on this issue, and I for one, wholeheartedly support Greg’s call 100 per cent for a new station.
“Years ago we tried for a Police Station and were fobbed off by the Government of the day.
“Now with the massive growth in our area, I believe it is high time to campaign again for this much needed station.
“As with Woolworths Lake Munmorah, it wasn’t easy, and many said it would never happen.
“Yes, it took many years, however we now all know people power prevailed, as we enjoy our new shopping centre.”
Mr Best said he was disgusted to see the latest graffiti attack on the Lake Munmorah Volunteer Firefighters’ Building.
“Whilst these brave men and women are out risking their lives to save our property, these graffiti grubs sneak in under the cover of darkness.
“To add insult to injury, as the night draws on, our families are kept awake by out of control hoons spinning their wheels and threatening anyone who challenges them.
“Simply put, we have lost control of our streets and we demand them back.
“The local community has had enough.
“I believe the community will unite around this issue and demand a ‘fair go’ on local law and order.”

Media release, Aug 24
Greg Best, independent candidate for Budgewoi Ward