Delegation visits Parliament House to celebrate Public Education Day

A delegation of parents, teachers and school principals from the electorates of Robertson, Page, Banks, Gilmore, and New England, descended on Canberra to meet their local Members of Parliament on May 25.
“We are visiting Parliament House to celebrate Public Education Day and to let Members of Parliament know about the great work being done in our schools with the additional funding under the signed NSW National Education Reform Agreement (NERA),” said Ms Michelle Rosicky, NSW Teachers Federation Deputy Secretary.
“It is disappointing that National’s Leader, Mr Barnaby Joyce, doesn’t want to hear from his New England constituents, nor does Ms Anne Sudmalis from Gilmore, nor Banks MP, Mr David Coleman,” Ms Rosicky said.
However, representatives from Robertson did meet with their MP, Ms Lucy Wicks, to discuss the impact of funding cuts to their schools and education programs.
According to Ms Rosicky, this was the first time Ms Wicks has met with a delegation on this matter.
“The Teachers Federation and Robertson representatives are delighted that Lucy Wicks has made the time to listen to our concerns and the concerns of her electorate,” Ms Rosicky said.
However, Ms Rosicky also said she was disappointed that Ms Wicks “toed the party line” on the matter of the Coalition’s education cuts planned for 2018-19 in relation to Gonski funding and the NERA agreement.
Ms Rosicky said the delegation was made up of public education supporters concerned that funding cuts would result in a loss of teaching programs, fewer teachers and support staff, an increase in class sizes and less targeted support and training for teachers.
According to data presented by the NSW’s Teachers Federation (NSWTF), public schools across the state stand to lose $846m under the Turnbull Government’s plan for school funding.
To address the cuts, the NSWTF has developed a school by school comparison table revealing how much each NSW public school will lose in 2018-19 if the Coalition reneges on the signed NSW Gonski agreement.
“This school-by-school data shows the reality of the Turnbull plan,” NSWTF acting President, Mr Gary Zadkovich, said.
“Teachers, principals and parents can see how much funding and support their students will miss out on if the Turnbull Government abandons the NSW Gonski agreement”, Mr Zadkovich added.
According to the data, by the end of 2018-19 the Turnbull Government cuts to schools in Robertson stand to lose $134,250,048.
The figures provide a breakdown of how much each school will stand to lose in needs based funding across the electorate.
These include: Avoca Beach Public School, $303,312; Brisbania Public School, $285,552; Central Mangrove Public School, $67,878; Chertsey Primary School, $294,036; Copacabana Public School, $195,419; Empire Bay Public School, $309,264; Erina Heights Public School, $204,562; Erina High School, $534,516; Girrakool Education and Training Unit, $234,814; Glenvale School, $191,859; Gosford East Public School, $301,411; Gosford High School, $572,450; Gosford Public School, $392,255; Henry Kendall High School, $278,484; Kariong Mountains High School, $447,487; Kariong Public School, $453,816; Kincumber High School, $598,433; Kincumber Public School, $347, 816; Kulnura Public School, $42,478; Narara Valley High School, $814,491; Niagara Park Public School, $377,300; North Gosford Learning Centre, $63,381; Peats Ridge Public School, $31,282; Point Clare Public School, $334,002; Somersby Public School, $47,185; Terrigal High School, $588,242; Terrigal Public School, $526,307; and Woodport Public School, $279,229.

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