Unions NSW host By-election jobs forum

Central Coast Community Union Alliance Jobs ForumCentral Coast Community Union Alliance Jobs Forum

A forum held for the Gosford By-election has highlighted the chronic problem of youth unemployment and underinvestment in skills, according to Unions NSW.
The forum was held on Friday, March 31, at Gosford Golf Club, and heard from 21-year-old local sales worker, Ms Lou Larkin, Shadow Attorney General, Mr Adam Searle, and Labor candidate for Gosford, Ms Liesl Tesch.
The event was moderated by Unions NSW Assistant Secretary, Mr Thomas Costa.
“Young people on the Coast deserve Governments that are on their side, but they are getting quite the opposite,” Mr Costa said.
“Close to one in five young people on the Central Coast are jobless, and that doesn’t include many more who have given up looking for work.
“At the same time, TAFE has been decimated, with teachers sacked and course fees hiked.
“It’s harder than ever for young people on the Coast to get ahead.
“The NSW Government is spending the vast majority of the proceeds of its privatisation program in Sydney, ignoring those who live beyond.
“This is supercharging Sydney, but hollowing out the economy of the Central Coast.
“Adding insult to injury are penalty rate cuts, supported by the Liberal Party.
“The Gosford By-election is a clear opportunity to give the Liberals a wakeup call,” Mr Costa concluded.

Media release,
Apr 5, 2017
Nick Lucchinelli,
Unions NSW

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