Skyla Wagstaff – Animal Justice Party

Skyla Wagstaff of the Animal Justice PartySkyla Wagstaff of the Animal Justice Party

I understand the true value of Central Coast’s assets: our people, beaches and natural bush surroundings that provide our lifestyles, homes that we all love and treasure.
Our beautiful Coast is home to passionate people who constantly have to bring to light the ongoing bad decisions and consequences from current and former politicians.
This greatly undervalues our broad community that is made of people of all ages and all abilities.
We are a compassionate community who will grow stronger to defend and protect our most vulnerable, be it our koalas and habitats of threatened species that our current Government fails to protect and also our beloved companion animals we share our homes with.
We need real action and transparency within our Government to ensure a strong sustainable future for our Coast.
I will deliver this with effective positive change that is focused with our key assets at centre and ensure our natural resources are protected.
I will ensure an outstanding Community and Performing Arts Centre is finally underway along with well-designed community surroundings offering prosperous opportunities and culture enrichment.
I will not let developments proceed without the full consultation with community and thorough assessment of biodiversity reports that fully investigates the impacts for both human health and species habitat.
I will work to stop the $40 million Government handout to the greyhound industry and retain the greyhound racing ban.
I will support the NSW bill banning circuses that use animals.
The ACT, many parts of Australia and over 30 countries have bans in place.
The majority of the community object to this outdated use of animals held captive in unnatural small enclosures and forced to perform unnatural tricks.

SOURCE: Media statement, 29 Mar 2017
Skyla Wagstaff, The Greens