Jilly Pilon – Liberal

Jilly Pilon, Liberal Candidate for GosfordJilly Pilon, Liberal Candidate for Gosford

Gosford is a place that will always hold a special place in my heart.
When I was growing up on the Central Coast my dad was the first manager of the Woolies supermarket, so I spent all of my free time at Gosford.
I can still remember when it was declared a city and everyone was so excited and proud.
Over the years we have seen major developments take place across the Coast, which has sadly taken people away from Gosford.
A number of people have spoken to me about Gosford waterfront, but I think the issue is bigger than just the waterfront, we need to be looking at ways to help bring people back to Gosford CBD.
This is why I’m proud to be running as part of the Liberal team which is committed to delivering the infrastructure and services Gosford needs to grow and prosper, including the $348 million upgrade to Gosford Hospital.
Commuters will travel in comfort with the Central Coast set to be the first line to receive the inner city train fleet.
Local roads across Gosford will be improved as part of a $23 million funding package, with safety at Point Clare Public School set to be boosted along Brisbane Water Drive.
Finally our talented artists and performers, including my son, will benefit from the Gosford Performing Arts Centre which the State Government has committed $12 million to.
I am a born and bred Coastie and if I am elected on April 8 I promise to be your strong voice in Government to ensure Gosford and the Central Coast community gets its fair share.

Media statement,
Apr 4, 2017
Alicia McCumstie,
NSW Liberal Party