RMS not doing enough

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I have found that the RMS is guilty in not assisting to prevent accidents over the past 50 years in the Koolewong, Tascott and Point Clare area.

I have made 10 representations over the past 20 years to have the speed limit reduced to 60km from Tascott to Point Clare and it has fallen on deaf ears. The police are not able to patrol the area as we are short of about 30 on the Central Coast. Someone increased the speed limit to 70km from Tascott to Point Clare not taking into consideration two hidden streets on both sides of a hill, six driveways and two refuges on both sides of the hill.

One refuge has been wiped out twice in the last five years, luckily no person was in the refuge or they could be dead. The public is tired of having their lives put at risk because of the negligence of other drivers and the RMS not trying to save lives. Moving down through the Point Clare shopping centre drivers keep speeding down the hill on the inside lane and narrowly missing children crossing to the station. I personally witnessed a cement truck drive through the red lights just missing a mother and her two children, luckily she was quick enough to pull them back otherwise they would be dead.

Constantly the local community has requested to have the inside lane closed just after the overbridge and allow people to go into the shopping centre in safety. The left hand lane moving into Talinga Ave must be restored for safety, and a red light camera be installed on the crossing. There have been three accidents there since the Aldi store was built. As a person that thinks of others and the community in which I live I find that our community is being ignored. When is the RMS going to act for us?

Email, Jan 20, 2017 Robert Findley, Point Clare