Independent technical consultant appointed for landfill site

A Gosford Council photograph from 2012 of a leachate pond at the landfi ll shows pipes and sprinklers indicative of poor water resource managementA Gosford Council photograph from 2012 of a leachate pond at the landfill.

The NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA), in consultation with Mountain Districts Association representatives, has appointed a technical consultant to provide information and independent advice on the Verde Terra landfill at Mangrove Mountain.

EPA Executive Director of Waste and Resource Recovery, Mr Steve Beaman, said the appointment of the consultant, Mr Alan Dyer, from SLR Consulting, provided a resource for the community association around the review of management plans for the site that will inform the EPA’s licence review process. “The EPA has been meeting with community members since last year to discuss their concerns about the Verde Terra site and to reinforce that the EPA will be undertaking a robust review of the proposal. “As part of those discussions, the EPA committed to make available an external expert, chosen by the community, to provide them and the EPA with independent advice on this matter.

“This will include advice on the proposed management plans from the operators, including landfill plans, engineering design and proposed water quality management and monitoring regimes.” In 2014 the Land and Environment Court granted continued operation of the landfill site in accordance with updated environmental management plans. The consultant will interpret technical information for the community, provide advice, and will also prepare a report for the EPA on his findings. The first meeting between the EPA, the Mountain Districts Association representatives and the independent expert, Mr Alan Dyer, was held on Wednesday, September 14.

Media release, Sep 14, 2016 Emily Boyle, Environment Protection Authority