Koala caring for three babies at once

Mother Jill with three babies at the Reptile Park

In a first at the Australian Reptile Park, three baby koalas have become triplets to adopting mother Jill, a resident koala who gave birth to one and has welcomed two additional babies along for the ride.

“Koalas don’t have twins or triplets,” said Tim Faulkner, general manager and head of conservation at the park. “If they did it would be very rare, but just as rare is a single koala caring for up to three babies at one time,” Mr Faulkner said. “Truthfully, the other two babies should be weaned from milk and onto eucalyptus leaves now, but Jill is so nurturing they’re loving their adopted mum to bits,” he said.

“Jill had one baby girl, and when the other two babies mother’s milk dried up, they jumped across to Jill who has welcomed them with open arms.” Guests to the Australian Reptile Park can visit Jill and her triplets in the koala enclosure where she is often seen sleeping with all three cuddled in her arms or climbing the eucalyptus trees with all three on her back.

Media Release, Australian Reptile Park