Bomb threat disrupts schools

Henry Kendall High School and Gosford Public School were evacuated after receiving a bomb threat on Wednesday, February 3 at 9:40am.

The administration offi ce of Henry Kendall received what they believed to be a pre-recorded message indicating an explosive device was in the school. 800 high school students were evacuated from Henry Kendall, along with 500 primary school students from nearby Gosford Public School.

A search was conducted by local police and teachers. The search failed to locate anything and the school was deemed safe for students to return. The incident lasted two hours.

Brisbane Water Local Area Command chief inspector Steve Kentwell said they were taking the offence very seriously, and were conducting an investigation to locate the source of the call and arrest the person responsible. Students from both schools remained assembled for the two hours on the back ovals adjacent to Racecourse Rd.

They were required to leave their bags in the classrooms and were not permitted to use electronic devices for the duration of the lock down.

Interview, Feb 4, 2016 CI Steve Kentwell, Brisbane Water LAC Jasmine Gearie, journalist