Shipbuilders of Brisbane Water Photo Exhibition

An image from the Shipbuilders of Brisbane Water exhibition

A new photographic exhibition at Kincumber Library will bring to life more than 124 years of Gosford’s shipbuilding history.

The Shipbuilders of Brisbane Water Photo Exhibition, which will be on display until Friday, December 11, celebrates the industrious shipwrights who toiled at Kincumber, Davistown, Daley’s Point, Empire Bay, Blackwall and Terrigal from 1829 until 1953.

More than 500 timber vessels were built in and around Brisbane Water during this time, making it one of the busiest shipbuilding hubs in the country behind Sydney.

With rare images of ships such as ketches, schooners, ferries and pearling vessels, the exhibition also includes images of the builders themselves who played a key role in the economic and maritime history of New South Wales.

A free display for the whole family, the exhibition provides insight into the back-breaking construction involved in shipbuilding and some of the simple tools used to make the ships.

This is a unique opportunity to step back in time and see an important part of local maritime history.

Newsletter, Oct 30, 2015
Gosford Council media