Gosford Hospital’s Children’s Ward a brighter place

Gosford Public School students with their art at the children's ward of Gosford Hospital

Works of art from Gosford Public School students have made Gosford Hospital’s Children’s Ward a brighter place.

Students from across grades three to five created a large vibrant mural that celebrates what’s great about living on the Central Coast. Children’s Ward nursing unit manager, Mr David Potter said the art brought a previously blank space to life with scenes representing the Coast’s iconic scenery, animals and activities.

“It is the first thing people see when they come into the Kid’s Ward which is great because it is bright, colourful and fun, and that is exactly what the Kid’s Ward needs,” Mr Potter said.

Mr Potter said artwork played a crucial role in improving patients’ wellbeing at the hospital, particularly in the Children’s Ward.

“The mural is a great talking piece for young patients and their families because there is so much happening and it such a lively, imaginative painting with themes and images kids can really relate to,” he said.

The primary school students worked together to design and paint the mural under the guidance of Gosford Public School teacher, Ms Karen Griffiths, and local artist Mr Brad Wilkinson.

“It is a beautifully empowering thing for the kids to know they are going to be bringing a lot of joy to children in hospital and their families,” Mr Wilkinson said.

Media release,
Sep 17, 2015
Lauren Nicholls, Central
Coast Local Health District

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