Federal election promises disputed

Senator for New South Wales, Ms Deborah O’Neill has continued to accuse federal member for Robertson, Ms Lucy Wicks of not understanding her own election promises or budgetary commitments.

“Lucy Wicks … made some unfortunate comments about me that can only be attributed to some confusion on the new Members’ behalf,” said Ms O’Neill.

“Contrary to Ms Wicks’ understanding of the world, I support and welcome new jobs on the Central Coast.

“I always have, and I always will,” she said.

“A visibly nervous Lucy Wicks made a number of claims under Parliamentary Privilege … that show a lack of understanding about her own election promises and budgetary commitments.

“Before the last election, Lucy Wicks promised 600 new jobs, and a new building in the Gosford CBD to house them, to be delivered in their first term.

“The Liberals are now backing away from that promise with the jobs claim pushed back until 2017, well after the next election.

“I support local jobs but I don’t support broken promises.

“I support local investment but I don’t support Liberal mistruths.

“A ‘lease and refit’ is not a new building, and 600 jobs from the ATO doesn’t mean that locals will get those jobs.

“There is not one Coastie who has a single one of these jobs, because they only exist on Lucy’s Christmas wishlist.

“I’ll believe that this government can deliver jobs for Coasties when it happens.

“Until then, it’s just another example that Liberals will say anything to get themselves a job,” Senator O’Neill said.

Media release,
26 May 2015
Richard Mehrtens, media
adviser, Office of Senator
Deborah O’Neill