Free talk on Placemaking Gosford

Mr Jim Diers, international consultant and placemaking expert, will be giving a free talk on Placemaking Gosford at Laycock Street Theatre on Wednesday, June 3.

Mr Diers has 40 years’ experience helping communities realise their potential to create better places.

According to Gosford Council, Mr Diers’ presentation will be about how the people of Gosford can participate in creating liveable, loveable and community-focused places.

According to Gosford Council, he believes in mobilising the power of community to revitalise neighbourhoods and business districts, prevent crime, and promote health and accountability.

Members of the public are invited to attend to be inspired, feel empowered to take part in their community, and drive the revitalisation of Gosford City.

This is a free event.

Email, 15 May 2015
Gosford Council media

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