Stronger Relationships Trial offers a $200 subsidy

Couples on the Central Coast are being encouraged to take part in the Stronger Relationships Trial, which provides a $200 subsidy for couples to use on services that strengthen their relationship.

The subsidy can be redeemed for a number of services provided by Interrelate from their Erina centre. Interrelate’s Central Coast area manager Mr Mike Sheargold said couples don’t have to have a specific problem to benefit from relationship support. “Whether you are married, de-facto or in a committed same sex relationship, or you’ve been together for 20 years or two, all couples face challenges, but they also have strengths,” said Mr Sheargold. “If you know what your challenges and strengths are, having an open chat about them with a trained counsellor can help you learn how to build on the strengths and address challenges before they turn into more signifi cant issues. “Understanding issues from your partner’s point of view can often reduce tension and angst in a relationship,” he said. While Interrelate believes all couples can benefit from relationship education or counselling, they are particularly urging couples in the early stages of a committed relationship to take part in the trial. “It’s important that you consider a range of questions when you enter a relationship, so both partners are on the same page,” said Mr Sheargold. “If you don’t have these discussions early, that’s where you’re likely to hit a roadblock and become unstuck later on.” Couples can redeem their $200 subsidy towards a number of Interrelate programs including premarriage education program Prepare-Enrich, counselling sessions, Being a Parent program, or a Creating Positive Relationships program. The Stronger Relationships Trial is open to all couples who are over 18 years of age, are Australian citizens or permanent residents, and are in a committed relationship.

Media release, 2 Oct 2014
Mike Sheargold, Interrelate
Central Coast