Why are 1800 signatures better than 10, 000?

I am amazed that the local politicians including Chris Holstein say that a petition with almost 1,800 signatures wil serve as an invaluable tool in his fight to secure funding for vital services in the region (Central Coast Express Advocate, May 21). 

With some cynicism, I note that the State government totally ignored two previous petitions: one with around 11,000 signatures which sought to retain the Gosford primary school, and a petition containing over 10,000 signatures against the rezoning/ redevelopment of Gosford Waterfront.

Aussies generally have a sense of what’s fair dinkum and a fair go, maybe that’s why fewer than 1800 signed the poorly constructed Fair Go petition, despite thousands of dollars of free publicity given by the Express-Advocate. Maybe it no longer pays to advertise.


Email, 21 May 2014
Kevin Armstrong,
West Gosford