Not For Profit

Special arrangements for advertising for Not for Profit Organisations

As community newspapers, Central Coast Newspapers advertise details of not for profit community organisations and their events in and around their respective areas in a specially subsidised arrangement. This applies to three different areas of each newspaper.

  1. Directory listing: A directory for listing organisations where the information is presented in an easy to use format with like organisations grouped to make them easier to find and it includes regular activity detail as well as contact information
  2. Events listing : A separate subsidised arrangement exists for promoting specific one off events with information that applies only to that event. The lowest cost for these is where the information is placed as a public notice at a subsidised cost of $33 per edition of each paper.
  3. Display advertising : Where a not for profit organisation is looking for more exposure than in the public notices, we offer a special discount where you choose a display advertisement size and we will add for free the same size space as booked at no extra charge, to the base rate, if we can also add our logo and a short message saying “Sponsored by Central Coast Newspapers”. This means that for example, if you book a quarter page advertisement, we will give you a half page advertisement at the quarter page cost plus colour. If you are interested in this option, please contact us for prices for the various sizes on offer. Additionally, advertisers will have their entry in the Coastal Diary enhanced for FREE.

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