CCN Daily News Brief – 5th March, 2021

Friday 5th March, 2021. Today’s ‘must know stories from across the Central Coast, fresh from the CCN newsroom. Read by Charlea Tonnet.

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And here’s the latest news from Central Coast Newspapers:

In a win for people power, Prime Minister Scott Morrison has officially declared that he strongly opposes the extension of the PEP11 permit for oil and gas drilling off the coastline between Manly and Newcastle.

However, the decision on the permit currently sits with the Minister for Resources, Keith Pitt.

Environmental Group, Save Our Coast, has campaigned for three years against PEP11, collecting 78,000 signatures on petitions and tens of thousands of comments and emails sent to MPs with requests to end the permit.

Central Coast Council will hold a Constitutional Referendum at the council elections on September 4 on the reduction of the number of councillors from 15 to nine.

There will also be a question about whether to keep the ward system or to have an undivided council.

Council is now conducting a survey on its website to gain community feedback in order to shape the questions in the referendum.

If the referendum decides to reduce the number of councillors, the new set-up will be implemented in the 2024 council elections.

A new landfill cell to be constructed at Buttonderry Waste Management Facility, Jilliby, will cost $9M.

The tip requires new landfill space as its current capacity is reaching its limit.

The project will be funded by internal restricted funds reserved for future waste facility infrastructure.

Construction of the new landfill cell will start this month and be finished by December.

Fire and Rescue NSW investigators have found that a fire at a home in Long Jetty on February 23 was accidentally caused by a battery charger left on a bed whilst charging a battery.

It took 20 fire crews to put out the blaze at the duplex property in Eloora Rd.

A week-long festival kicks off on Saturday as part of the International Women’s Expo at The Entrance.

There’s a wide range of activities taking place until March 17, including special events on Monday for International Women’s Day.

The main events at The Entrance are the Women In Art exhibition at The Entrance Gallery and an artisans’ market this weekend at The Entrance Community Centre.

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I’m Charlea Tonnet for Central Coast Newspapers.

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