Eastern Osprey chicks hatch on stadium tower top

Eastern Osprey with three chicks at home at Central Coast Stadium.

Central Coast Stadium management can confirm that there are three Eastern Osprey chicks in the nest of the osprey couple who have set up a home on the top of the light towers at Central Coast Stadium. 

Stadium Assets & Operations Manager Mick Magurren caught a first glimpse of the chicks around lunchtime on Monday.

The August 1 hatchings have caught bird watchers by surprise as initial estimates were that the nesting couple were expecting chicks around the middle of the month.

“Mum is keeping them wrapped up most of the day but we got a first glimpse of the chicks today,” confirmed Mick.

“We can expect daily deliveries of fish to the nest from this point on as the family will get through 8 to 10 fish per day and the little ones will grow big and fluffy in quick time.“

“The chicks will be fully developed before they leave the nest if we go by past experience.

The nesting pair have been named Rosie and Hutch by locals, and the news that the birds were expecting chicks created a great deal of interest on the Coast and among bird watchers and environmental groups.

See the first live pictures of the Osprey chicks can be viewed on the Central Coast Stadium social media page.

Primary source: Central Coast Stadium social media postings, Aug 1, 2022.

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